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May 05, 2011


MaryLou LaRose

Hello, I absolutely fell in love with this card and have tried to recreate it with your instructions above. I have a couple of questions that hopefully may help me. First I would like to know if the designer paper on front of card is one piece or two? For the A4 card, do you have better measurements for the joining cuts? With your instructions above it seemed like the cuts were not deep enough. And lastly, is there a video of some kind that I could watch to see these instructions in action? I do much better with visuals. :) Thank you so much and I hope to hear form you soon. Mary Lou


Wow! These cards are amazing!! I am always on the lookout for unique cards and these are just so cool!! Thanks for a wonderful tutorial!


i love this tpe of card it is the best one i have seen taht can b made in less time...........amazing creations,,,,,,,,,


I'm such a fan of these cards! I'm going to have to try one of them... Yours are just to fabulous!


Love the card but I don't understand where you make it cuts. What are the measurements??? Can you help me. Thanks, Cheryl


This is awesome :) Thank you

Faye Muse

I love this card and the Happy Birthday really add to it. What is the name of the cartridge you used for Happy Birthday. Thanks

Nicole Laishley

i am soooooo on this....i cannot wait to see what i can do...this seems perfect for lil odds and edds that accumulate after bigger projects!!! thanks for the idea!!!

Carole Holt

thanks so much your method seems much easier than some cards
i have seen

bedroom furniture

great man :D


Thank you for instructions that are easy to understand. I'm looking forward to making the card!

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